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Holiday Gift Guide

Household waste increases by approximately 25% during the holidays. If you’re like us, that’s one statistic that really leaves an impression.

Though many of us have whittled our gift lists way down over the years, the opportunity to delight a loved one with a thoughtful, well-chosen gift still counts as one of the many joys of the season.

We’ve selected some items that are sure to please even the most discriminating individuals in your circle…wholesome, value-driven, earth-conscious, innovative, inspired, and budget-friendly choices abound at Soap & Supply! Let us know if you would like us to include compostable gift baskets, free of charge.

  • Peruse a partial list of our bestsellers, below.

  • Or give us a call with the amount you want to spend. We’ll prepare any number of gift baskets based on the preferences of your intended recipients (please allow 48 hour notice for large orders).

  • We also have gift certificates available in any amount.


East Side Remedios Soaps and Salves: Homegrown and woman-owned small batch seasonal curatives & solutions from locally gathered ingredients.

Griffin Remedy Phytoplankton Geranium Body Lotion: Ultra Moisturizing Skin Food from the sea.

Soap & Supply Mirabelle Plum Complexion Oil: “Please keep this oil around forever — I haven’t had skin this clear since elementary school.”

Soap & Supply Hemp Honey Cream: A refining cream for blemish-prone skin. Try it with Wild Oats and Honey Cleanser, or Grapefruit and Lime Cleanser…or a small bottle of each!

Fat and the Moon All Cream: A heavy-duty multi-tasker for face and body healing and hydration.

Rosewater Face Cream: Rosewater and jojoba work wonders for pH balance. Neem oil is a great anti-bacterial. Suitable for all skin types-our most popular face cream.

Taos Bee Balm: A solid serum that hydrates and plumps skin cells, while also providing soothing healing properties and protection from skin irritants.


Soap & Supply will be closed from Sunday, Christmas Day through Monday, January 2. We will be open from 10-2 pm on Christmas Eve. We wish you and your families a joyous holiday season and warm wishes for the New Year. We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you again.

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