We offer high-quality, plant-based soaps and personal care products without synthetic fragrances or coloring, with affordable options for everyone. 

When considering prices, remember that we offer volume discounts! 10% off with 24 oz and above, and 15% off with 128 oz and above. 


SOAP features a variety of products that meet the needs of our customers with allergies or sensitive skin. We also feature options that are vegan, certified cruelty-free along with sulfate and paraben-free. In addition to carrying tried and true favorites like earth-friendly Ecos Pro and Dr. Bronner’s, we make an effort to seek out small vendors like Griffin Remedy, The Fat and the Moon, Vermont Soap, Oneka, and KD Gold.  


We have the ability to customize any product with essential and specialty oils. 




Free & Clear  … 12¢/oz

Magnolia Lily … 15¢/oz


Hypoallergenic detergent that cleans and guards colors, leaving laundry soft and comfy. It can be used in high efficiency or standard machines and any water temperature. Readily biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-powered surfactants. 



Peppermint or Lemon … 23¢/oz 

Unscented … 18¢/oz 


Detergent made from renewable resources, plant derivatives, and synthetic processing that delivers a powerful clean. It’s scented with 100% pure essential oils (if scented) and paraben-free, dye-free, and truly hypoallergenic for a clean and simple laundry experience. 



Free & Clear Laundry Powder … 21¢/oz

Oxygen Bleach Powder … 23¢/oz


Introduced in 1977 as the nation's first phosphate-free detergent, Country Save products are designed to be environmentally safe. Recommended for people with sensitive skin. This ultra concentrated powder is fragrance- and dye-free, made with biodegradable surfactants, hypoallergenic, and contains no coconut-derived ingredients or optical brighteners. Perfect for cloth diapers. 


Molly's Suds Super Laundry Powder  … 35¢/oz

Unscented - Ocean Mist

Super-powered with biologically active enzymes that break apart stains, oils, grease, and dirt, your dirtiest laundry is no match for Molly’s. It also offers gentle brightening for whites, mixed, and colored fabrics, and helps to prevent the soil deposition which causes greying and dinginess on light-colored clothing. Safe for use on anything.  


Molly’s Suds Delicate Wash … 40¢/oz 

Gently cleans  dirt, oil, and stains from sweaters, dress shirts, lingerie and more. Safe for silk, spandex, rayon, wool, cashmere, mohair, and other delicate fabrics. It also preserves the softness and shape of sweaters and blouses. 

Molly's Suds Oxygen Whitener … 17¢/oz

A safe, natural bleach alternative made with just four Earth- and plant-based ingredients. It livens up faded colors and brightens even the dingiest whites with just 1-3 scoops. 



Free & Clear - 2250 (patchouli and lavender) - Humble (frankincense and basil)

This highly concentrated, all-natural laundry soap is made with five plant-based enzymes that target every kind of stain and odor, and it works with all types of fabric. Plus, it's free of sodium concentrates, perfect for greywater systems. 


Softens a wide range of fabrics, is non-yellowing, eliminates static, and has excellent rewetting ability. Clearly Clean cleaning products are manufactured by and for people with allergic skin reactions, breathing issues, asthma, and chemical sensitivities. 


ECOS PRO STAIN & ODOR REMOVER … 25¢/oz         

Eliminate tough stains and entrenched odors with a blend of enzymes and plant-powered ingredients. Works great on clothing, carpet, and upholstery. 


Simple, coconut oil-based vegetable soap capable of getting out the toughest stains, without the plastic packaging. Just wet the fabric, rub the soap stick onto the stained area, and wash like normal. 



Hand-felted, 100% wool dryer balls sourced from humanely sheared sheep, wool dryer balls reduce drying time by as much as 30%. Plus, they’re compostable and antimicrobial, naturally soften fabrics, and great for all kinds of laundry. They’ll last up to 1,000 loads or three years. 




Free & Clear  … 12¢/oz

Scented … 15¢/oz


Highly effective manual dishwashing liquid cleans without drying out your skin. The quick-rinse formulation leaves less residue on dishes for faster, more thorough rinse time, reducing water usage. Readily biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-powered surfactants. 


Molly's Suds Dish Soap … 45¢/oz

Lemon Burst - Unscented


Formulated using safe, naturally-derived, and responsibly-sourced ingredients, Molly’s Suds Dish Soap cuts right through the greasiest messes you can cook up. Septic-safe, vegan, and great for sensitive skin.  

Ecos/Sal Suds Blend - Unscented … 14¢/oz

Ecos/Sal Suds Blend - Scented … 17¢/oz

Most popular scent - Grapefruit Bergamot


We take Ecos Dishmate and blend just enough Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds (a biodegradable all-purpose cleaner with plant-based surfactants) to boost the grease fighting action without eating up your skin.

House Heavy Duty Dish Soap - Unscented … 20¢/oz

House Heavy Duty Dish Soap - Scented … 22¢/oz​

Most popular scents - Lemon Herb, Fresh Forest


Our strongest dish soap for those out there who appreciate a sudsy liquid that will clean the greasiest pots and pans. 

No-Tox Dish Block - 5.9 oz  … $10

No dyes, no fragrances, no waste, just a simple vegan dish block that produces a rich lather to get rid of grease and grime. It’s made with aloe vera to be gentle on your hands too. 


Bestowed Essentials Dish Soap - 11 oz Bar … $12

Made with olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, French green clay, and Pacific sea salt this handmade dish block works up into a bubbly lather that cuts away the toughest messes. And because of the concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. 

Clearly Clean Automatic Dish Powder … 35¢/oz

Clearly Clean’s non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally safe automatic dish powder rinses away completely leaving no residue on your dishes for a sparkling clean. Septic safe.

Ecos Pro Wave Auto Dish Liquid … 25¢/oz

Formulated specifically for commercial machines, WAVE is less viscous to allow the liquid to be easily pulled through the machine while cutting grease and dried-on food. Readily biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable, plant-powered surfactants, and safe for even fine items like porcelain, silver and crystal. Greywater and septic safe.


Better Life Auto Dishwasher Gel … 25¢/oz

Ultra-concentrated gel muscles its way through the dirtiest dishes, without a trace of residue or cloudiness. It’s made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients that break down and return to nature. 


Citri-Shine Hard Water Booster … 33¢/oz



Liquid Sunshine Non-Toxic Cleaner  … 62¢/oz

Made with a blend of essential oils and organic aloe vera, this multi-use cleaner from Vermont Soap is safe and effective. Use it on counters, floors, tiles, and other household surfaces. Works best in warm to hot water. 


Produce Magic Fruit & Veggie Wash  … 45¢/oz

Yes, you need to thoroughly wash your produce, even organic. Vermont Soap’s all-natural formula gets rids of the dirt, pesticide residue, mold, fungi, etc. 

Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds … 47¢/oz 

A concentrated all-purpose cleaner made with plant-based surfactants and natural fir needle and spruce essential oils, without any synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives that cleans and rinses with exceptional power, yet it’s mild and gentle on the skin. It’s perfect for general household cleaning. 


Ecos Pro Cedar Toilet Bowl Cleaner … 23¢/oz

Formulated with cedar oil and citric acid, this viscous cleaner removes hard water stains, rust and mineral deposits without harsh fumes and effectively cleans, freshens and fights odors in toilets, urinals, and other ceramic bathroom surfaces. Its readily biodegradable formula is made using sustainable, plant-powered ingredients. Greywater and septic safe.

Lemon Oil Furniture Polish … 55¢/oz

Fantastic for fine wood furniture, just pour a small amount on a clean cloth, apply, let set 5 minutes, then wipe away any excess. Contains concentrated Brazilian Lemon Oil using the oil from the seed as well as the rinds for greater penetration and durability.


Ecos Pro Furniture Polish - Lemon … 25¢/oz

Meticulously formulated with a blend of olive, lemon, and orange oils for a superior performance, Ecos Pro Furniture Polish works on all surfaces, including laminates and leather.  


Ecos Pro Parsley Plus Cleaner … 21¢/oz

This readily biodegradable formula lifts dirt, grease, grime, and scum from water-safe surfaces with the power of parsley. Made without dyes using sustainable, plant-powered ingredients. Greywater and septic safe. 


Enviro One All-Purpose Cleaner - Unscented  … 17¢/oz

Enviro One All-Purpose Cleaner - Scented … 20¢/oz​

Most popular scents Spicy Thieves - Lemon Rosemary Basil


Enviro One's cleaning and degreasing performance comes from small molecules called “colloidal micelles” that penetrate much larger oil and grease molecules, and, like tiny jackhammers, actually break apart those molecules into biodegradable components. Enviro One is a proprietary, bio-based formula consisting of fatty acids, vegetable- and plant-based enzymes and minerals, organic alcohol, coconut oil, folic acid, and natural vanilla, mixed with de-ionized water. (Formally known as KD Gold.)

Clearly Clean All-Purpose Cleaner - Coming Soon


Clearly Clean Daily Shower Care … 20¢/oz

Keep your shower clean and protect it against soap scum with no wiping, scrubbing, or rinsing. Safe for glass, vinyl, and tile surfaces. It’s perfect for Santa Fe’s hard water. Contains no phosphates, petroleum solvents, chlorine, perfumes, dyes, or animal by-products. Safe for use in closed environments and does not compromise indoor air quality.

Ecos Pro Orange Glass Cleaner … 12¢/oz

Clean windows, glass, and mirrors to a brilliant shine without leaving film, streaks, or haze. Ecos Pro glass cleaner is fast-drying and effective, and it’s made without ammonia. Greywater and septic safe. 


Better Life Smudge Free Glass Cleaner … 17¢/oz

Made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, featuring the cleaning power of soapbark tree extract, wipes away dirt, fingerprints, smudges, and spots without leaving any of the bad stuff behind. 

CLEANING CONCENTRATES - Dilute with water before using


Ecos Pro Floor Cleaner Concentrate … 60¢/oz

This effective floor cleaner cleans fights odors with the fresh scents of lemon and sage. Use on all hard surfaces, including hardwood, laminate, and marble flooring. Product is highly concentrated: use 1:128 dilution for general floor cleaning, and use 1:64 dilution for excessively dirty floors. Readily biodegradable formula is made using sustainable, plant-powered ingredients. Greywater and septic safe.


Ecos Pro Orange Glass Cleaner Concentrate … 50¢/oz


Enviro One Multi Use Green Cleaner Super Concentrate … $1.25/oz


Ecos Pro Parsley Plus Concentrate … 88¢/oz



Vermont Simply Unscented Castile … 47¢/oz

Vermont Castile, Scented … 50¢/oz

Peppermint Magic - Sweet Orange - Lemongrass Zen - Sweetgrass

A safe, nontoxic, green, multi-purpose, multi-surface concentrate that’s made with organic plant oils for your safety and for the safety of our planet. The formula contains aloe, making it a gentle alternative for sensitive skin. A SOAP favorite, the company allows us to purchase in five-gallon cubes, which reduces waste and allows for a lower price

Dr. Bronner's Castile … 55¢/oz

Unscented Baby - Lavender - Eucalyptus - Almond - Peppermint

Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are good for just about any cleaning task. No synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents.



Ecos Pro Hand Soap  … 25¢/oz

Free & Clear - Lavender - Orange Blossom


Crystal-clear, plant-powered soap formulated to lift dirt and grease, and gentle enough for even the most frequently washed hands. Infused with nourishing vitamin E and antioxidants. 

Rustic Strength Hand Soap … Coming Soon!


Aromaland Unscented Hand Soap … 40¢/oz

Aromaland Defense Formula Hand Soap … 50¢/oz

Made with a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil that’s environmentally friendly, Aromaland hand soap boasts deep cleansing properties without harsh chemical compounds. Made in Santa Fe, Aromaland refills our buckets to help reduce waste. 

EO Hand Soap … 55¢/oz 

Lemon Eucalyptus - French Lavender

Made with mild amino acid cleansers and our organic herbal blend of aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, and white tea extracts and scented with pure essential oils, EO soaps give you a little bit of aromatherapy every time you wash your hands. 

House Brand Unscented Hand Soap … 18¢/oz

House Brand Scented Hand Soap … 20¢/oz

Most popular scent  Rosemary Bergamot Mint

A great hand soap at an even better price. Available unscented, or we can easily customize a scent for you. 


Vermont Castile Foaming Hand Soap..... 53¢/oz

Unscented - Lemongrass

A luxurious foaming hand soap that’s made with certified organic ingredients and gentle on your skin. The citrus aroma of the Lemongrass Zen really energizes your cleaning routine. 



Elbow Bump Spray Sanitizer (80% alcohol) ..... 55¢/oz

Volume discounts do not apply. Gallons available upon request.


Made in Santa Fe by the Wayward Sons Craft Distillery, this liquid sanitizer meets FDA and WHO guidelines and has even been tested by Sandia Labs to ensure that it meets those standards. 


Aromaland Defense Formula Gel Sanitizer (75% alcohol) ..... 75¢/oz

Made locally, Defense Formula contains 75% alcohol along with Aromaland’s powerful blend of essential oils that nourish and protect your skin while sanitizing and moisturizing with 100% plant based glycerin.

Rustic Strength Isopropyl Sanitizer..... 60¢/oz

An unscented light gel that dries quickly. Made with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

Citrus Alcohol Spray Sanitizer (70% ethanol) ..... 75¢/oz

Citrus Alcohol Gel Sanitizer (64% ethanol)..... 75¢/oz

Perfect for sensitive skin, with a pleasant citrus smell. 




Shampoo … 52¢ /oz

Conditioner … 47¢ /oz


Made in Santa Fe, a true-zero waste option, this is a good all-around pairing that gently cleans and moisturizes. 


Shampoo … 67¢ /oz

Conditioner … 72¢ /oz



Designed for sensitive hair and scalp, it contains horsetail to strengthen and rejuvenate along with hydrating calendula oil. 


Angelica Lavender

Great for dry hair. A soothing combination of lavender and angelica nourishes the hair and scalp. 


Goldenseal and Citrus 

Ylang-ylang essential oil balances the oils in your hair and scalp, and goldenseal has a tonic, purifying effect. An energizing product that’s terrific for people with oily hair. 



Shampoo … 85¢ /oz

Conditioner … 90¢ /oz



Argan oil, vitamin C, and vitamin E revitalize and nourish thin, weak hair. It helps prevent and repair damage from environmental factors as well as slowing the signs of aging hair. 


Scalp Therapy 

With aloe and tea tree oil, this is ideal for itchy, flaky, or dry scalps.  


Color Extend 

Cranberry seed oil and green tea give hair a vibrant sheen and long-lasting color, without leaving a residue.   



For dry or damaged hair. It’s made with shea butter and macadamia nut oil to restore softness and manageability while adding strength and elasticity.  


Shampoo … 75¢ /oz

Conditioner … 80¢ /oz


Tea Tree Triple Treat 

Ingredients including thyme and rosemary help increase scalp circulation to leave hair feeling fresh and renewed. 


50:50 Balanced 

Gentle enough to use everyday, this popular product adds moisture and manageability, while balancing cleaning power with moisture and protection. Ideal for overprocessed, environmentally stressed hair.  


Shampoo … 90¢ /oz

Conditioner … $1.00 /oz


Raw, plant-based formula is made without synthetic ingredients—just fermented soap nuts and fruits—to provide an extraordinarily gentle clean. Perfect for those with extreme sensitivities or skin allergies. 


Ultra Thick Premium Conditioner … 62¢ /oz                                            

If you condition more than you shampoo, this is what you need. With shea butter and argan oil, it’s great for dry or curly hair.  


Leave-In Detangler Spray … $1.15 /oz

Perfect for stubborn tangles and knots, this light and moisturizing spray conditioner leaves hair smooth thanks to aloe, neem oil, castor oil, and wheat protein. 


Griffin Remedy Leave-In Treatment  … $1.25 /oz

No matter what type of hair you’ve got, you’ll love the all-day luster and manageability you get from Griffin’s leave-in treatment. It’s got camomille to revitalize and nettle extract to add natural gloss.



Shampoo Bar … $24

Rhassoul clay and rosemary give your hair volume and make your scalp happy. It will suds up nicely, and one bar is equivalent to 16 ounces of liquid shampoo. Great for all hair types. 


Conditioner Bar … $24

Conditioner Bar features cocoa butter and Irish moss to give your hair a conditioning slick. Works as a leave-in conditioner too for those with manes that need some reins.


Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo … $14

Dry shampoo absorbs oil and adds body so you can have a great hair day without a shower. Cocoa gives it a pleasant smell and adds a little color; lavender essential oil promotes a healthy scalp. 




Herbal Formula Shampoo Bar … $7.50

The original shampoo bar’s herbal formula features rosemary, lavender and cedarwood. It’s great for itchy scalp as well as eczema and acne prone skin.  


Coconut & Argan Shampoo Bar … $7.50
Virgin coconut and argan oils help tame dry, tangled hair. It’s great for curls too. 



Seaweed Shampoo Bar … $8

Seaweed Conditioner Bar … $9


Infused with seaweed extract, these gentle, moisturizing vegan bars are great for all types of manes. The shampoo bar rinses away with ease, even in hard water. The conditioner bar is light enough for daily use. 



Clearly Clean Hair and Body Wash - Unscented … 32¢ /oz  

Clearly Clean Hair and Body Wash - Scented … 40¢ /oz  

Most popular scents … Lavender Bergamot, Rose Cedar Sage

A great product at a great price! Unscented, but we can easily customize a scent with essential oils. 


Better Life Soap … 38¢ /oz   

Unscented - Citrus Mint

An all-purpose soap for hair, hands, and body, that cleans and hydrates with aloe and vitamin E.





Designed for sensitive skin, it’s got calendula that gives it a nice soothing effect. 


Angelica and Lavender 

A hydrating body wash that helps revitalize dry skin with the pleasing aroma of angelica and lavender. 


Cedar Sage 

Energizes and invigorates your skin. Cedar has purifying qualities, and the sage balances moisture while giving it a natural, earthy scent.  





Omega 3 Body Wash … $1.10 /oz

Omega 3 Body Wash w/ Frankincense … $1.25 /oz

Made with omega 3 oils and MSM (Nature’s beauty mineral), our most luxurious body wash heals and fortifies dry, thirsty skin. Ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.  



BRIGHT EARTH Soap Nut Wash … 90¢ /oz 

Raw, plant-based formula is made without synthetic ingredients—just fermented soap nuts and fruits—to provide an extraordinarily gentle clean. Perfect for those with extreme sensitivities or skin allergies. 



Soothing Shaving Cream … $1.20 /oz

Shaving Gel … 75¢ /oz 

Our shave cream and gel are both made with organic aloe to soothe and moisturize while they work. The shave cream features organic shea butter to help eliminate razor burn and bumps; fantastic for sensitive skin.





Deodorant  … $6.00 /oz

Sensitive Pit Cream  … $6.00 /oz

Coconut oil and aluminum-free baking soda keep bacteria in check, while arrowroot absorbs moisture, keeping you smelling great all day and night. 


If baking soda bothers your skin, the sensitive pit cream is for you.





Eastside Remedios Soap … $1.50/oz

Handcrafted, small-batch soaps made locally in Cuyamungue. 


  • Ginger Goat Milk & Honey 

  • Spearmint Lemongrass with French Green Clay

  • Bourbon Pecan

  • Jasmine Tea (vegan-unscented)

Bestowed Essentials ..... $1.50/oz

Vegan, palm oil-free soaps with all-natural ingredients. 

  • Cucumber Spearmint 

  • Florida Orange 

  • Turmeric Calendula



Ultra Thick Creme … 86¢ /oz 

Luxurious unscented body cream made with organic coconut oil and emulsifying wax that tones and moisturizes your skin. 


Healing Hands Creme with Emu Oil … $1.75 /oz

A special in-house creation that combines the remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties of pure emu oil and the moisturizing power of Ultra Thick Creme team up to make a special treatment for dry, damaged hands. 


Goat Milk Lotion … 85¢ /oz 

Goat milk is known for its calming and brightening properties. Together with organic aloe, grapeseed oil, and organic honey, this lotion is perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. 

Hemp Lotion … 95¢ /oz 

Organic hemp seed oil is loaded with fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients to replenish and renew your skin. 


Shea Butter Lotion … $1.30 /oz

Rich and thick like a cream, this lotion is loaded with organic shea butter that melts into dry, thirsty skin. 




MSM Body Lotion … 90¢ /oz 

Bulgarian Lavender - Orange Blossom - Lemon Verbena

MSM, an organic sulfur compound known as nature’s beauty mineral, helps open cell walls to let in more nutrients, leaving your skin feeling soft and youthful. Lavender essential oils provide a relaxing aroma. Orange essential oils give the lotion antioxidant properties. 


Omega 3 Body Lotion - Unscented … $1.25 /oz

Omega 3 Body Lotion - Frankincense… … $1.45 /oz

Rich, intense omega 3 oils nourish thirsty or damaged skin. Use it daily to keep your outer layer vibrant and healthy. 


Phytoplankton Lotion  … $1.65 /oz

Made for the driest skin, phytoplankton is a superfood packed with antioxidants, omega 3 oils, vitamins, and amino acids. One of our most popular lotions, it protects skin while nourishing and moisturizing. 




Hand & Body Lotion … 42¢ /oz 

Rich Body Creme … 52¢ /oz 

Made right here in Santa Fe, a true zero waste option. A combination of soy, jojoba, coconut, and palm extracts help restore your skin’s natural balance and lock in moisture. Unscented, but we can easily customize a scent with essential oils. 


Eastside Remedios Soap … $1.50/oz

Handcrafted, small-batch soaps made locally in Cuyamungue. 


  • Ginger Goat Milk & Honey 

  • Spearmint Lemongrass with French Green Clay

  • Bourbon Pecan

  • Jasmine Tea (vegan-unscented)

Bestowed Essentials ..... $1.50/oz

Vegan, palm oil-free soaps with all-natural ingredients. 

  • Cucumber Spearmint 

  • Florida Orange 

  • Turmeric Calendula





Clarifying Charcoal Facial Cleanser … $1.40 /oz

A one-step facial cleanser featuring the absorbing power of activated charcoal to pull dirt and other unwanted stuff out of your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and moisturized. 


Grapefruit & Lime Facial Cleanser  … $1.40 /oz

Formulated specifically to balance your skin’s natural oils and remove impurities for a revitalizing clean. Natural extracts of aloe and papaya protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Mildly scented with pure grapefruit and lime essential oils. Ideal for oily skin. 


Simple Gel Facial Cleanser … $1.55 /oz

A clear gel made with organic aloe leaf juice, hydrolyzed wheat protein, vitamin B5, and tea tree essential oil that lathers into a gentle foam to leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. 


Wild Oats & Honey Facial Cleanser … $1.20 /oz

Blending two of nature’s most soothing ingredients, pure organic honey and soothing organic oatstraw, this gentle cleanser leaves your skin with a smooth, bright back-to-nature clean. Ideal for sensitive skin. 


Jojoba Creme Facial Cleanser … $2 /oz

A creamy formula of southing organic aloe; moisture-boosting jojoba, organic coconut, grapeseed, and avocado oils; nourishing vitamin E; and organic neem makes for a dewy, refreshed clean that won’t leave skin feeling dry or stripped. 




Witch Hazel with Benzoic Acid … $1 /oz

A natural cleanser that softens, refreshes, and cools the skin. Alcohol-free for sensitive skin. 


Grapefruit Facial Astringent … $1.50 /oz

Say “good morning” to your face with this invigorating tart and tangy astringent that clarifies and revitalizes the skin. Perfect for most skin types, especially oily or breakout prone.


Vital Skin Face & Body Astringent … $2 /oz

Restore that smooth, balanced, and youthful glow  with this blend of calming aloe; alpha hydroxy acids; Witch Hazel distillate, vegan DMAE; and tea tree, bergamot, chamomile, and geranium essential oils. It’s great for all skin types, especially distressed or sensitive skin. 


Rosewater Toner with Aloe … $1.75 /oz

With multi-beneficial rose distillate in a base of soothing organic aloe and moisturizing glycerin, this toner is perfect for all skin types, especially mature or sensitive skin. 


Vitamin C Toner … $1.25 /oz

Beneficial for most skin types, especially mature skin needs, as it helps to soften, brighten, and refine the look of dry, dull skin for a renewed youthful glow. 

Organic bilberry, organic orange, organic lemon and organic cranberry are wrapped in a gentle base of organic aloe




Vitamin C Creme … $2 /oz

Give your skin a direct infusion of vitamin C to help balance, brighten, and revive. Featuring organic aloe and white willow bark extract, along with organic coconut oil, antioxidant-rich organic blueberry, raspberry and cranberry extracts, it’s great for daily use. 


Enhanced Vitamin C Creme … $2.75 /oz

A simple, soothing blend of our Vitamin C creme with carrot seed oil, lavender, and sea buckthorn that helps refresh and protect skin before, during, and after sun exposure. 


Rosewater Creme … $4 /oz

An opulent face cream that smells like a summer day in a rose garden, it hydrates and revives your skin. Use it in the morning or at night after cleansing and toning. 


Equalizer Facial Moisturizer … $5 /oz

​With a light yet creamy texture, this multi-beneficial moisturizer absorbs deeply and cleanly, leaving skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated. Featuring soothing organic aloe, lavender and calendula, hydrating organic jojoba, olive and rosehip oils, antioxidant rich rooibos, super skin food MSM, toning DMAE, moisture boosting hyaluronic acid, nourishing pro-vitamin B5, and more. Great for all skin types.


Olive Nourishing Creme … $3/oz

A rich, heavy creme that delivers deep hydration to mature or dry skin. Use it as a night creme, an eye creme, or a head-to-toe treatment. 


Bamboo Fiber Exfoliate … $10/oz

Apricot Seed Exfoliate … $3/oz

Honey Crystals … $4/oz

All Clays … $3/oz

Rhassoul, White Kaolin, Rose Kaolin, Blue MSM, French Green, Bentonite

Custom Face Masks … $8 /1 oz jar or $13 /2 oz jar

Most popular masks - Detox, Brighten, Gentle, Anti-Aging



Almond ..... 75¢/oz

Apricot ..... 75¢/oz

Avocado ..... 75¢/oz

Castor ..... 75¢/oz

Fractionated Coconut ..... $1/oz

Grapeseed ..... 75¢/oz

Hazelnut ..... 90¢/oz

Magnesium ..... $1/oz


Abysinnian ..... $4/oz

Argan ..... $5/oz

Baobab ..... $6/oz

Black Cumin Seed ..... $4/oz

Calendula ..... $7/oz

Camellia ..... $5/oz

Evening Primrose ..... $5/oz

Moringa ..... $6/oz

Neem ..... $3/oz

Olive Squalane ..... $8/oz

Pumpkin ..... $4/oz

Red Raspberry ..... $7/oz

Sea Buckthorn ..... $11/oz

Emu Oil ..... $9/oz

Jojoba ..... $2/oz

Rosehip Seed..... $8/oz



Peppermint Toothsalt … 75¢/oz

No more toothpaste tubes in the trash can! Made with fine powdered pink Himalayan salt, baking soda, white kaolin clay, and peppermint oil, our toothsalt is a simple, safe, and effective way to keep your smile bright and your breath fresh. 


The beautiful bamboo toothbrush with castor oil based bristles.

  • Naked with Medium Bristles … $5.40

  • Soft Bristles … $6.50

  • Tiny Brush for Kids with soft bristles … $6

Bamboo Tooth Floss with Glass Dispenser … $7.50

Bamboo Tooth Floss Replacement Pack, 2 spools … $11



8 oz plastic squeeze bottle ..... $3

32 oz plastic squeeze bottle  ..... $5

8 oz glass mason jar ..... $2.75

16 oz glass mason jar  ..... $3.25

24 oz glass mason jar  ..... $3.75

Jarmazing lids will fit any regular size mason jar!

Jarmazing Pump Top Lid (plastic) ..... $3.75

Jarmazing Pump Top Lid (metal) ..... $12.50 

Jarmazing Pump Top Lid (stainless steel) ..... $13.50 

64 oz glass growler ..... $8

128 oz glass growler ..... $10

Plastic pump dispenser for growlers ..... $4

1 oz straight sided glass jar ..... $1.75

2 oz straight sided glass jar ..... $2

4 oz straight sided glass jar ..... $3

8 oz straight sided glass jar ..... $4

8 oz aluminum pump bottle ..... $4

16 oz clear glass spray bottle ..... $7.50

8 oz amber glass pump - $4

16 oz amber glass pump -$6

Jarmazing Amber Glass Dispenser, 16 oz .... $14.50

Jarmazing Mason Jar Lotion Dispenser, 16 oz .... $14.50

Jarmazing Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser, 16 oz ..... $9.50

Rent a bottle!

$1 deposit (refundable) for each container to cover the cost of it and the process of sanitizing them.  When you bring those bottles back, we’ll fill your new order in clean containers.


Available in 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 128 oz. We can partially fill bottles. Example - if you order 64 oz of soap, we will fill a 128 oz bottle.



Vermont Pet Magic Dog Shampoo ..... 80¢/oz

Ph Balanced Pet Shampoo ..... 85¢/oz

Pet Conditioner ..... 70¢/oz

JR Ligget's Fergie Pet Shampoo Bar ..... $7.50


Beeswax Wraps

Small ..... $7

Medium..... $8

Large..... $9

Sandwich Wrap..... $12

Bread Wrap..... $17

3-Pack..... $20

Loofah Sponge 

Single ..... $2.50

3-Pack..... $7.00

Scrub Brushes

Dish Brush with Handle..... $10

Dish Brush replacement head ..... $6

Casa Agave Pot Scrubber ..... $8