October 5, 2020



Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey. The information we received was incredibly helpful, and after parsing the results, I’m excited to announce our new, expanded hours. The new schedule goes into effect tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6, and here’s what it looks like: 


Tuesdays -- 7 AM to 7 PM

Wednesday thru Friday -- 10 AM to 6 PM

Saturdays -- 9 AM to 6 PM


Yep, we’re opening a little earlier two days each week. Why? 




In the survey, a number of you expressed interest in being able to drop off orders in the morning and being able to pick it up later in the day, specifically on Tuesdays. So now, you can swing by early on Tuesdays and leave your containers with us. We’ll fill them up, and you can pick up that evening on your way home (or whenever is convenient for you.) 


Of course, you can drop off orders anytime we’re open, and arrange to pick it up later. 


If you haven’t taken advantage of our drop-off service, here’s a quick refresher on how it works. 


  1. Swing by the store and let us know what products you want. (You can bring your containers, use free donated containers at the shop that have been sanitized, buy some, or use our bottle exchange with a $1 refundable cleaning deposit per container.)

  2. Let us know when you’d like to pick up your order. 

  3. Go about your day! While you’re running your other errands, headed to work or off playing in the mountains, we’ll get everything filled up and ready to go.




One thing that came up in our survey is that there are some questions about how email ordering works. If you have questions about products, what containers to use, etc., just email me ( or give us a call (505 772 0644), we’ll walk you through it. 


You can choose to pay online using our secure invoicing system, or you can just pay when you come by to pick up your order. 




Made with just six all-natural, Earth-friendly ingredients, this small-batch laundry soap is seriously powerful. It’s some of the best laundry detergent I’ve ever used. And because it’s highly concentrated, you only need half an ounce for a normal load. It’s also safe for greywater systems. 


We have two scented blends, 2250 (patchouli and lavender) and Humble (frankincense and basil), that will make laundry day aromatherapy day. We also have Free and Clear, if you don’t want a scented version. In addition to the laundry soap, we have the Foaming Pre-Spotter stain remover that gets everything from grass to grease out of your clothes. 


Swing by the shop and try some. 




SOAP’s first birthday is November 11. We’re not going to have the big, swingin’ party we wanted, but we’re still going to celebrate with a week full of giveaways and more to say thanks to our wonderful community for helping us chip away at plastic waste. Stay tuned. Our next newsletter will have all the details. We’ll post that information on Facebook and Instagram as well.


Stay safe and stay clean,