Our mission is to help the consumer reduce plastic waste. To do that, we sell in bulk every kind of soap, household cleaners, lotion, personal care, etc. That means you’ll need a container, and there are several options available. 


  • Bring your own clean container. Pick your product, and we’ll refill it for you. There’s also a selection of free, donated containers that have been cleaned and sanitized are available; just ask if you need one.

  • Buy a new one. We have a large selection of new bottles and jars for purchase in a variety of sizes. 

  • Use our bottle exchange. For a $1 deposit (refundable), we’ll fill a clean plastic container with your product. When you bring those bottles back, we’ll fill your new order in another, clean container. The deposit helps cover the cost of the bottle and sanitizing them. When you place your order, just let us know if you want it to use the bottle exchange program. 


To ensure the safety of our customers and ourselves, we’ve made some changes to the shopping experience here. Some of these are temporary steps while we get through the COVID-19 situation, and others are permanent additions that will make the shopping experience more convenient. We’re still at the shop to help you find the best product for your needs, and you can also call or email us with questions. 


Please note, because of these changes there may be a short wait at the store, but we’ve got chairs out front and a lovely garden area where you can hang out while we fill orders. 


  • One in, one out: We are only allowing one customer at a time into the store. It won’t always be this way, but for now, this helps us maintain social distancing. 

  • Full service: When you visit the store, we’ll fill your containers with the products you want. This is also a temporary measure. 

  • Drop off orders: Swing by, let us know what you need, and you can wait while we fill it. Or, better yet, leave your order with us, and we'll call you when it's ready to pick up. We’ll continue to make this option available to you once the crisis passes. 

  • Online ordering: We’re very excited to offer this service, a permanent addition that will make shopping easier for busy people. Just take a look at the menu and decide which product and how much of it you want. Email me at with your order, and we’ll fill it using our new bottle exchange system (you can also purchase containers). When your order is ready, I’ll email you the invoice and a link to our secure online payment system. Once your order is confirmed, please allow three hours for us to fill it. Orders placed after 4 PM will be available the next day. 



All products are priced by the weighted ounce. We weigh your containers before they’re filled. When you’re ready to pay, we’ll weigh the filled containers and subtract the weight of the container. 



You can customize anything with one of our many essential oils or mix-n-match  products together. Add lemon oil to boost your household cleaner. Add a clay or exfoliant to your face wash. Or, just add lavender to your favorite body lotion.


All clean containers are welcome for refills. Some work better than others, depending on the kind of product you’re refilling it with. 


How do I clean my containers? 


Clean containers for reuse with warm soap and water. Dry thoroughly before replacing lids. 


What kind of containers should I use? 


Containers with wide openings are best for powdered detergents. Creams and lotions work best in jars/containers with wide mouths and secure lids, because they’re easier to clean. Liquids like dish soap and shampoo work well in most any container.




Glass is easy to clean and easy to recycle. Glass containers can be sanitized with high temperatures  in a dishwasher or with a light spritzing of 70% Isopropyl alcohol. 


Glass jars that had been used for food products—especially tomato based products—can be difficult to remove smells. If smell lingers after washing them with soap and warm water, try filling with a vinegar solution and letting it sit for 24-48 hours. 




#2 HDPE plastic containers are ideal for multiple uses. They are sturdy and easily recycled, can be subjected to high temperatures without being affected, and can be cleaned with soap and warm water and/or vinegar. Can be sanitized with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. 


#1 PET plastics also work for reuse. Easy to recycle. Not as sturdy as #2.


If you’re not sure what type of plastic it is, it’s usually marked on the container. Feel free to ask us for help too. 


Bring us your containers!


Have extra containers at home you don’t need? Bring them in for our community donations bin. (Only clean, ready-to-fill containers are accepted for our community donations bin.) 

*SOAP is not responsible for contamination due to refilling a reused container.