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A new, easier to navigate menu is in the works! To everyone who has asked me when it will be finished, thanks so much for your patience. We hope to complete the redesign over the holiday break. -Amy


We offer high-quality, plant-based soaps and personal care products without synthetic fragrances or coloring, with affordable options for everyone. 

When considering prices, remember that we offer volume discounts! 10% off with 24 oz and above, and 15% off with 128 oz and above. 


Soap & Supply features a variety of products that meet the needs of our customers with allergies or sensitive skin. We also feature options that are vegan, certified cruelty-free along with sulfate and paraben-free. In addition to carrying tried and true favorites like earth-friendly Ecos Pro and Dr. Bronner’s, we make an effort to seek out small vendors like Griffin Remedy, The Fat and the Moon, Oregon Castile, Oneka, and Root & Splendor.  

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