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A Better Way To Go Pro

Ecos Pro has been our top-selling liquid laundry product since we opened in 2019. Its popularity had much to do with its low price and fragrance-free option. We hung in there with the company through price increases that we never passed on to our customers. But their latest price hike is now exceeding our ability to keep the lid on.

We researched carefully to find a competitively priced product that could launder fabrics effectively, yet gently. In the fall, we recruited sixteen families for a liquid laundry trial with a formula from a small family-owned company called Rustic Strength (available fragranced and fragrance-free). Participants in the laundry trial were overwhelmingly positive about their experience with the product. Many reported that their clothes were much cleaner and actually softer, eliminating the need for fabric softener. 

This was great news for us because Ecos does not support closed loop manufacturing (but Rustic Strength is all for it). In fact, we have never been able to buy from them directly. 

As you may know, closed loop is the gold standard for refill because the containers that are sent to us can be shipped right back for refill. 

We will no longer be carrying Ecos Pro liquid laundry products. And we are confident that Ecos fans will be thrilled with Rustic Strength's Affordable Effective Laundry Detergent! 

Ecos Pro Cons

  • Does not support refill model

  • Performance is not worth the price

Rustic Strength Pros

  • Great quality for price point

  • Closed loop for substantial plastic waste reduction

  • Small family-owned manufacturer


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