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Soap & Supply: How We Curate

There are many criteria that determine which products we carry. Plant-based, biodegradable formulas are at the top of our list; greywater-safe products are highly desirable. We feel that it’s important to offer naturally scented and unscented options made with minimal preservatives. And across the board, our objective is to offer the highest quality items at the most reasonable prices. We understand that different households have different needs; we aim to provide budget-friendly selections in every category.

In terms of ethics, closed loop production is the closest match to our stated mission–to reduce single-use plastics. When we receive products from a closed loop manufacturer, we send back their bulk containers for refill. This concept is nothing new; for example, until the 1970’s milk was delivered directly to homes in glass bottles, and the bottles were returned after use. As more businesses adopt circular principles, circular economy is gaining recognition as an essential standard for sustainability.

We make an effort to support small to mid-sized companies. We appreciate the transparency and ease of communication that comes with compact, independently-owned operations. Many small-batch makers work closely with the earth, placing limits on foraging and the consumption of any raw materials that are in short supply.

When a company that we do business with makes changes that compromise our standards, we seek out new suppliers. The fluidity of our inventory is a reflection of our commitment to our customers’ health and wellbeing. Your trust is our most valuable asset.


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