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AFTERWORLD ORGANICS-Sense and Sensitivity

Afterworld Organics founder Deirdre Novella, a top stylist in NYC and Brooklyn, opened Badlands Salon & Barber in Park Slope in 2012. After years spent styling hair for New York’s top runway shows, she yearned for a broader aesthetic, one that promoted attainable beauty standards based on inclusivity.

Deirdre’s own chemical sensitivities plus her deep respect for the Earth and all of its inhabitants inspired her to create products that contained simple, natural, gender-neutral ingredients. When it came time to name the line, she imagined that this non-toxic, eco-conscious approach would be an important component of the push to uphold the preservation of all species. The name “Afterworld” was her vote of confidence that higher awareness would ultimately prevail.

Deirdre’s product line is as effective as it is unconventional. Her targeted products are multi-taskers, all of which are restorative. The emphasis is on nourishing the hair (and skin) to re-establish manageability. Deirdre’s extensive experience with a large array of hair types was instrumental in creating this nuanced line.

Attractive glass bottles are the containers of choice. Formulas are concentrated and therefore long-lasting. Some products are designed for use on the hair and the body.

We are proud to carry a collection that includes shampoo/conditioner and leave-in products that impart a marvelous finish:

  • Hair Glow-A color-safe, non-foaming hair cleanser consisting of a cleansing cream that simultaneously removes daily buildup and replenishes with rich moisturizers, washing and conditioning your hair in a single step (available in Amberwood and Royal Lavender).

  • Hair Healer-A conditioning leave-in tonic that detangles, nourishes, and revitalizes the hair shaft, while protecting it from heat.

  • Moisture Lock-A curl-smoothing serum used as a gel on curly hair, and as a blow-dry tool on straight hair.

  • Texture Mist-Creates a tousled texture with instant volume, flexible hold, and a unique, powdery finish. Refreshes limp, dry hair, increases curl retention, and can be layered on day after day without feeling sticky, tangled, or stiff.

  • Vanilla Clove Wood Aftershave and Deodorant-Essential oils of clove, vanilla, and orange are blended with witch hazel to protect the skin from infection, irritation, bacteria, and unwanted odors.

  • Grooming Lotion-A hair and body cream that performs as an excellent de-frizzer for both curly and straight hair; also wonderful as an all-over body hydrating cream.


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