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FAT AND THE MOON-SuperNatural Beauty

Fat and the Moon, a small-batch, non-toxic, cruelty-free company offers a truly unique collection of products that speak to every personal-care need a body could have.

"Fat and the Moon’s mission is to create a thriving culture of Self Care that goes far beyond the superficial understanding of that term to tap the true source of wellbeing which exists in social and ecosystemic harmony. Our products are a reflection of our values, and we are committed to the ongoing journey of sustainable, organic and local ingredients and low waste packaging. We are committed to working with organizations and projects, in our local and network community, to bolster efforts for environmental, and social justice. By creating a culture, of which our potions are the medium, we aim to inspire a devoted following in the reclamation of their inherent worth through the act of care."

Here is a partial list of Soap & Supply's favorite FATM products, all of them herbalist-formulated:

All Cream

Shea butter does the heavy lifting here, working wonders for thirsty skin on face and body…a little goes a long way. Apply it in the morning and/or wear it overnight and wake up to a restored complexion. This rich cream is like a food-refrigerate it for best results.

Moon Milk

This is an a.m./p.m. cleanser, a moisturizer, and a serum all in one. Rosewater, hemp seed oil, and hyaluronic acid whisk dirt away without stripping the skin’s protective mantle, leaving it moist and dewy. It can also be used as a serum in between cleansing and hydrating, or as a moisturizer for all skin types. This product is unique in that it leaves behind a gorgeous, luminescent finish. You can even mix it with one of FATM’s powdered cleansers for a supercharged masque!

Aloe Lotion

A light, easily absorbed, soothing cream for all skin types (including sensitive) that lubricates without leaving skin feeling greasy. Try it as a morning moisturizer. Use it as a body lotion for apres-sun. As with all of FATM’s organic products, store in a cool, dry place (maybe even the fridge!).

All Salve

St. John's Wort, yerba mansa, calendula, and other potent botanicals take on cracked heels, chapped fingers, and just about any other stubbornly dry condition that disrupts the integrity of the skin.

Lip and Cheek Stain

A youthful, sheer blackberry tint that works on a variety of complexions; colored with alkanet root for buildability and formulated with sunflower and rose geranium oils for hydration. Use it on lips and cheeks for a natural bloom.

Dry Shampoo

Raves abound for the volumizing quality of this cocoa and lavender-based powder. Use it between shampoos to make every day a good hair day.

Deodorant Cream

Baking soda and coconut oil provide the base for a chemical-free potion that also absorbs moisture.

Sensitive Pit Cream

An alternative to baking soda for those tender-pitted individuals, basil (anti-bacterial) and vetiver (stress relieving) contribute a pleasant, grassy scent.


In a previous version of this post, we misidentified Fat and the Moon's owner and staff as Wiccan. We apologize for the error. Please read Fat and the Moon's statement below for important clarification on these terms.

I, Rachel Budde, founder of Fat and the Moon, would like to clear up a little misinformation said on our behalf as it relates to being a Witch.

In times when the recognition of the rights and autonomy of women and non binary people are dissolving, spiritual practices and beliefs based in empowerment and embodiment are that much more powerful.

Being a Witch- now- has radical implications, both in terms of reclaiming a taboo word and embracing a title which subscribes to magic, elemental connection and the invisible.

Yet what it means to be a ‘Witch’ is still somewhat vague.

I, Rachel Budde, am a Witch. I am not Wiccan. I actually don’t subscribe to any one religion. Wicca is a beautiful and powerful set of beliefs, yet one does not have to be Wiccan to be a Witch.

Fat and the Moon is a business, composed of many humans, with many beliefs. Their participation in Fat and the Moon has nothing to do with what they believe, it has everything to do with who they are as wonderful, creative and hardworking people.

While we call ourselves the ‘Coven’, it is tongue in cheek.

For me, being a Witch is playful. One of the Witches main attributes is a cackle, and for good reason. Once we take ourselves too seriously, we lose the ability to be curious, to make space for the unexpected, to keep an open mind. Being a Witch, or being ‘Witchy’ is a fluid state, one that can be occupied then shifted. What it means to be a Witch is defined by each individual who resonates with that word.

The fear and misunderstanding of the Witch has a long, and horrific history. My hope is that by using this word personally and in my business, I can play a part in bringing to the light what the Witch really represents: the reverence of the inextricable connection between humans and our earth.

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