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ROOT & SPLENDOR Laundry and Lifestyle Products-Protecting Families

Kristin’s path to Root & Splendor began with a search for eco-friendly laundry products for her family. Dismayed to find that many of the brands claiming to be green were based on questionable ingredients, she threw herself into researching, formulating, and testing her own enzyme-based laundry soaps. After five years, she was ready to third-party test her collection and found that its purity and effectiveness were everything she had hoped for. Although Root and Splendor is carried at over 150 retail outlets nationwide, everything is still handmade under Kristin’s supervision.

The company’s proprietary laundry concentrates and stain pre-spotter contain a broad spectrum of enzymes so that every stain and odor source can be addressed. Premium essential oils are used to create unique, subtle scent blends. These formulas work well for all kinds of fabrics including delicates, and they’re graywater safe.

The same signature scent blends infuse Root & Splendor Room and Body Sprays, providing a sensory uplift to self and surroundings. These glycerin-based formulas are skin, pet, and fabric-safe. They can be used as smokeless incense, personal fragrance, non-toxic room fresheners, and mood enhancers.

Root & Splendor is a closed loop manufacturer. The shipping containers that we receive from them go right back to the company for refilling. Raw materials are fair-trade sourced. Every product is Leaping Bunny certified. The company is aligned with Safe Families for Children, an organization that provides short-term emergency care for kids, providing a safety net for vulnerable families.

We are proud to carry Root and Splendor products in the following three scent blends:

2250-Patchouli, lavender, lemongrass (herbaceous and floral with citrus undertones)

Hush-Rosemary, lavender, sandalwood (herbaceous, floral, woody)

Humble-Frankincense, lime, basil (earthy and herbaceous with citrus undertones)

  • Root and Splendor Laundry Concentrate

  • Root and Splendor Pre-spotter Stain Remover (unscented)

  • Root and Splendor Room & Body Sprays


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