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Shampoo Bars at Soap & Supply

Five hundred and fifty million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away every year in the United States. Many of those bottles contained ingredients that are harmful to our health and the health of the planet, two factors that are inextricably linked. Our job at Soap & Supply is to find you the good stuff. We think you’ll be excited about our expanded selection of shampoo bars.

Shampoo bars are here to stay. Zero packaging plus superior concentration makes sense to just about everyone. The absence of water in these formulas not only makes them less carbon intensive to ship, it also makes them perfect for sidestepping the liquid restrictions for air travel.

The bars last for months if kept dry between each use. They lather beautifully and work best if you wet your hair thoroughly, wet the bar with warm water, apply the bar directly from roots to tips, then lather gently with both hands. Follow the same procedure for conditioner bars, except leave out the roots.

Need to take your bars to the gym? Just pop them into a container and throw it in your gym bag. If you’ve been wanting to try shampoo and conditioner bars, now is the time! We have rounded out our collection to include every hair type.

JR Liggett’s- This classic brand offers 6 different shampoo bars plus a conditioner bar: Original Formula; Herbal; Moisturizing; Tea Tree and Hemp Oil; Coconut and Argan Oil; plus Original Formula Detangling Conditioner

Superzero- An extensive selection of shampoo and conditioner bars for a multitude of hair types (available in sample sizes). They even make a Clarifying Bar to target the build-up that can dull your tresses and render them unmanageable: Curly Coily, Extremely Frizzy; Dry, Frizzy, Curly, Colored; Thinning, Aging; Normal to Oily

East Side Remedios- Local makers offer a creamy, yucca-based formula.

Fat and the Moon- A popular shampoo bar plus a conditioner bar, along with an innovative shampoo powder that comes to life when you add water.

Winden- A crowd-pleasing, locally made bar that is versatile enough to work for lots of different locks, including curly ones.

Taos Bee- The original bars of yesteryear were made to clean hair and body alike-this bar does both with a delightful natural scent.


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