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The Curly Hair Chronicles

Nothing beats a good hair day (although a good brow day is a close second…but that’s a whole other post). If you have curly hair, those days might be few and far between. With your needs in mind, we have researched and tested several products to eliminate the guesswork. Some are made specifically for curly hair and others happen to address some common curly hair hurdles; all are selected to perform in our arid climate.

Due to its porosity, curly hair is prone to build-up. One way around this is to rotate your hair products. Refill comes in very handy for this approach, allowing you an economical way to try out new products so you can decide which alternatives to have on hand when it’s time to change things up.

If you have coarse, curly hair you may need a substantial amount of leave-in products; for fine curly hair, use less. Trial and error will be your guide for the optimal amount of product for your hair type. Remember that most leave-in products work best on clean, damp hair. And at this altitude, the damper, the better.

A Simple Planet - organic, plant-based, zero-waste products

Some of you may remember our popular multi-purpose soap nut products by Bright Earth that were discontinued due to supply issues. We discovered that we could source them from A Simple Planet and that’s one of the reasons we’re so pleased to be carrying this new (closed loop!) line.

  • A Simple Planet Clean Shampoo and Clean Conditioner: Formulated for all hair types and very suitable for curly hair because they don’t weigh it down.

  • A Simple Planet Leave-in Conditioner: Utilizes aloe vera, Irish moss, jojoba oil, and other organic ingredients to moisturize the hair without rendering it limp and unmanageable.

  • A Simple Planet Defined Hair Gel: Aloe vera is the star player here. It moisturizes while it coats your strands to add bounce, shine, and more distinctive curls. Layer it with A Simple Planet Leave-in Conditioner or use it as a stand-alone finishing product.

superzero Shampoo and Conditioner Bars - ”superzero's mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable beauty by creating indispensable hair care products.”

You can actually feel these unique ingredients nourishing and smoothing the hair shaft as you apply them! Plus, they rinse out easily, leaving no residue. The result is springy, shiny hair that’s ready to cooperate.

  • Deep Moisture + Anti Frizz Shampoo Bar for Curly, Coily, Extremely Frizzy Hair:

Detergent-free, high integrity organic products pamper curly hair. “ A deeply hydrating, frizz-fighting shampoo infused with creatine, shea butter, hemisqualane and bond-building tech for smoother, more defined, and stronger hair and added shine. Color-safe and sulfate-free.”

  • High Intensity Deep Conditioner Bar for Curly Hair or Extreme Frizz: “Deeply nourishing and hydrating conditioner that doubles as a leave-in conditioner. Moisture, frizz reduction, bond repair, shine, smoothness, detangling, hair color protection, and curl definition for curly, coily hair and straight or wavy hair that is extremely frizzy or damaged.”

Afterworld Organics-targeted, multi-tasking, restorative products created by a top stylist with serious eco chops.

  • Hair Glow: “A color safe, non-foaming hair cleanser (a.k.a. co-wash) consisting of a cleansing cream that simultaneously removes daily buildup and replenishes with rich moisturizers, washing and conditioning your hair in a single step (available in Amberwood and Royal Lavender).”

  • Hair Healer: “A conditioning leave-in tonic that detangles, nourishes, and revitalizes the hair shaft, while protecting it from heat.”

  • Moisture Lock: “A curl-smoothing serum used as a gel on curly hair, and as a blow-dry tool on straight hair.”

  • Texture Mist: “Creates a tousled texture with instant volume, flexible hold, and a unique, powdery finish. Refreshes limp, dry hair, increases curl retention, and can be layered on day after day without feeling sticky, tangled, or stiff."

Other notable options…

The wonderful Winden Shampoo Bar, locally made, lists cacao seed butter and Moroccan clay among its ingredients. This product provides a light, nourishing lather that is devoid of the stickiness that can result from some shampoo bars.

Griffin Remedy Glossing Shampoo (available for refill) is a frizz-tamer that contains cupuacu butter to smooth hair and mongongo oil to protect your curls from environmental damage. Although not advertised as a clarifier, this formula hits the reset button on congested hair.

Griffin Leave-in Treatment (available for refill) offers organic extracts of chamomile, sage, nettle, lavender to soften, restore, and add shine to curls.

Soap & Supply Curl Enhancer (available for refill) is a versatile product containing avocado oil, provitamin B5 (panthenol), and quinoa protein to add strength, hydration, and shine to your locks. Recommended for curls and coils, it can be used as a conditioner, as a leave-in, or even on dry hair for spontaneous frizz taming…a huge asset!

This is just a partial list of what we carry for curl care. We are always updating our selection. Come in and see what’s new!

Curly Hair Cues


  • Dry your hair with a t-shirt or simply wring it out and let it air dry.

  • Use alcohol-free products.

  • Identify your curl type to select the right weight of conditioners/leave-in products.

  • Experiment with co-washing, a refinement of the “No Shampoo” method that became popular in recent years. Co-washing products are specifically made to clean and condition at the same time, reducing the severity of buildup.

  • Use gentle shampoos and/or shampoo less frequently.

  • Put your blow dryer away (if it’s cold outside, blow dry the underside of your hair, around the neck).


  • Add ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar to the bathwater and submerge your hair in it before shampooing.

  • Use a clarifying shampoo every few weeks.

  • Avoid silicone, polymers, and petroleum-derived products.

  • Rotate your products to prevent buildup.

  • Use products that contain plant proteins. Apply an egg white hair mask to add protein to the hair shaft.


  • Layered cuts can get you there. By all means, bring a picture to your hairdresser.

  • Refrain from applying conditioner to the crown of your head; it could deflate your curls.

  • Experiment with different amounts and combinations of leave-in products.

  • Try not to touch your hair while it’s drying. Careful scrunching is okay.

  • Shape your curls with clips and pins or twist them into coils; your locks are malleable when wet.

  • Never brush or comb your curls when they’re dry.


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