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Why We Don’t Carry Detergent Pods and Sheets

Hardly a day goes by without someone asking us if we carry detergent pods and sheets. We get it...these popular products are convenient and attractive to consumers looking for new ways to upgrade their eco-friendliness.

Normally, we're thrilled to fulfill our customers’ requests. But the film that surrounds detergent pods, and some detergent sheets, is made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that may be contributing to plastic pollution in our waterways. Although they are supposed to biodegrade completely, a peer-reviewed study suggests that 75% of PVA remains intact after passing through a conventional wastewater treatment plant. This is bad news for aquatic ecosystems, most of which are already saturated with microplastics.

Until more tests are conducted on the safety of water-soluble PVA, Soap & Supply will continue to offer liquid and powdered detergents that are wastewater and septic tank safe. We even have gray-water choices for superior laundry care. Bring in your containers or purchase one of our upcycled ones.

Learn more about the PVA debate here:


Did you know that warm and hot water laundering comes with a hefty carbon cost? We are happy to report that most of our laundry soaps are made to perform well in cold water. Delicates (silk, lace, lingerie) do better in colder temperatures. Dark colors (jeans), colors that fade (brights), and those that bleed (vegetable-dyed and overdyed fabrics) also thrive in cold water because cold water keeps their fibers closed. Just remember to wash like colors together and when in doubt, hand wash separately the first several times.

You may be convinced that sweaty work and workout clothes require high temperatures to get clean. But our Root and Splendor handcrafted laundry products with plant-based enzymes (closed loop!) will go after stains and odors like nobody’s business. And they’re concentrated so that you’re only paying for the active ingredients.

We also carry dryer balls. At this altitude, it often takes less time to dry your clothes on a clothesline than in the dryer; and clearly, this is the number one choice for the environment. But when you’re literally over-loaded, our wool dryer balls promote air circulation so that machine-drying time is reduced.


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