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Want to make your business more sustainable?

Soap & Supply works with businesses and short-term rental operators throughout Santa Fe and the surrounding area to supply them with refillable, Earth-friendly products. Whether you’re looking to completely restock your cleaning supplies or just wanting to upgrade your dish soap, we can work with you to find the solution that works best for your operation.

Some of the local businesses we work with include:

Santa Fe Thrive

Santa Fe Art Institute

Sillage Salon

As Above So Below Distillery

Reunity Resources

Parting Stone

La Mama


Short Term Rentals:

La Dea -

Casa Strega -

Radiant Light Live in Studio

Santa Fe Classico

Blue Skies Studio

Artsy Comfy

Sage Haven

Retreat Santa Fe

South Capitol Adobe

Modern South Capitol Studio

La Casa Nova Downtown

O'Keeffe Casita

O'Keeffe Casita B

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